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The Nelson’s Project

Recent Projects


Pitt Meadows,

McNeil Rd


Port Moody,

Foxwood Dr

Maple Ridge,
225 St

We are currently working on social media, please find out more works we did.

2021.08 Maple Ridge,225 St

It was a complete rocky hill before. Terraced retaining walls with stairs, interlocking paving stone patios, and fencing+a gate and some garden beds in the backyard took straight 6 days to its completion.

20131 Grove Street

2021.09 Pitt Meadows, McNeil Rd

We installed a french drainage system in the ground, because the drainage was bad for lwan. Then we used 4x4 pressure treated lumber to divide a new 150 feet long walkway and garden beds. Please check out a video below.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

2021.07 Port Moody, Foxwood Dr

Terraced retaining walls and patios with 2x2 charcoal concrete slabs. The home owner was looking for a low maintenance lawn alternative as well. So we created this rock gardens with a few different kinds of stones.

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